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Слайд 1
Текст слайда:

Anglo – American

youth slang

Слайд 2
Текст слайда:

to define youth slang
to explore its function as a system
to find out the source and varieties of it

The main aims:

We try to analyze the useful features of slang in our speech, to answer the questions if slang “poisons” and “pollutes” the modern language, if it has the full right to exist?

analyses of articles, newspapers, dictionaries,
information from the Internet
classification of slang


Слайд 3
Текст слайда:

Alcohol antifreeze booze
Great boos evil
Hand grabbers paws;
Crazy person nut psycho.

judder, hacker

coffee – brew
money – bread
television - boob tube
body – bod
food - grub
hands - pad

Слайд 4
Текст слайда:

Chicken: coward.
“Don’t be such chicken!”
Couch potato: a person who watches television too much .
“Why did I have to marry such couch potato?”
Barf – out: a displeasing person or affair.
“That room was a real barf – out.”
Dirt: extremely bad person.
“My ex – boyfriend was dirt.”
Dorky: peculiar.
“If you keep acting so dorky, you’ll never get a girlfriend!”
Geek: someone who works too hard, is more intelligent than usually, and slightly unattractive.
“Bill Gates is kind of a geek.”

Слайд 5
Текст слайда:

Hi! Привет!
Hi! Привет!
Hey, boy, how are you getting on? Эй, парень, как дела?
I have got a jam time. Кое – какие проблемы.
Hey, buddy, take it easy! Брат, не бери в голову!
I’m flaking out! Я уже от скуки дурею!
Relax! Расслабься!

Hail! Привет!
Hi! Привет!
Hey kiddo, how are things? Эй, пацан, как ты?
I’m off my feed. I’ve the blans. У меня депресняк.
Hey buzzard, don’t be mad! Старина, расслабься!
Dull sville, jawn. Уже крышу срывает.
Chill out! Остынь!

Слайд 6
Текст слайда:

Pig out: eat too much.

“He is famous for pig out on chocolate ice cream.”
Pissed: angry.
“I’m really pissed at you.”
Riot: someone or something very funny.
“Jim is a riot.”
Yank: an American.
“He is a Yank.”
Bazillion: an indefinite number of something.
“Has Dennis really taught bazillion students?”
B- Ball: basketball.
“Do you want play b –ball with me?”

Слайд 7
Текст слайда:

Cap – a bullet
Bust a cap – shoot with a gun
Loaded with lead – shot by gun
Packin’ – carrying a gun
Peel a cap – shoot a gun

in different parts of the country we can watch the existence of language variants:
YooKay (UK in Chinese interpretation).
Y’all (you (in Texas))
Howdy (How are you? (In Texas))

Слайд 8
Текст слайда:


book words

neutral words

I was hoping to get
my homework
but it is no biggie
(something important)

(“She can be such a bitch
(a very unpleasant woman)
sometimes”, -
said my schoolmate)

(She has a great bod
(body), - said Tom)

(You have beautiful ivories
(teeth), - said the dentist)




Слайд 9
Текст слайда:

A: You’ve got your horn broken? У тебя телефон сломался?
I’ve called you to jaw. Я звонил, хотел потрепаться.
B: It gets me down to answer! Ломает меня к нему подходить!
A: Are you cloth – eared? Тебя глушняк, что ли, давит?
B: That’s just what I thought. Да, я тоже так думаю.
A: Planning something? Есть планы?
B: How goes the enemy? Сколько там натикало?
I must be off. Мне надо идти.

Слайд 10
Текст слайда:


Nowadays -


60th –

The term “slang” means:

1. the speech of social and professionally limited

groups is opposed to the literary language;

2. the variant of colloquial speech (expressively

coloured elements of speech) doesn’t consider

with the norms of literary language.

Слайд 11
Текст слайда: and the same word in different dictionaries
has various linguistics meanings:
the word Goff as a silly and foolish person,
(according to Baikov and Hilton) and in other
source it is interpreted as to make mistake.

2.the independent existence
of the term “slang”:
Airhead: stupid person.
“Believe it or not. Dave can
sometimes act like an airhead!”
Dirt: extremely bad person.
“My ex – boyfriend was dirt.”
Pissed: angry.
“I’m really pissed at you.”

3.the word “slang” is used as an item of
jargon words: What you get
in bucks? (“Get” to understand
something; “bucks” –

I got the message! Or: I caught it!
(I understand).
Mind you own business (Don’t put
you long nose into other people affairs).
It hurts like hell (very sick).

Слайд 12
Текст слайда:

Rules – the best
Kewl – cool
Chick flick – movie for girls
To be hot – to look very good
Dickhead – stupid
Nut – crazy person

TV Slang

1. Banana Slugs
University of California, Santa Cruz
2. Black Flies
College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine
3. Boll Weevils
University of Arkansas – Monticello
4. Green Terror
McDaniel College, Westminster, MD

Slang in slogans

Слайд 13
Текст слайда:

What has gone down? Что стряслось?
Why are you so budded? Что ты такой дерганый?
Stop bugging me! Puck off! Отцепись!
Watch your tongue! Следи за языком!
Get lost. Исчезни!

Situation in the city bus

Two young people quarrel with each other (one

has hurt another passenger’s foot)

Слайд 14
Текст слайда:

Features of slang

Slang is in opposition to the official system.
The word flick is in opposition to the official expression movie.

creation by collective activity.

communicative function of slang

slang as a universal type of language, emphasizes ties of English slang with other standard linguistic items of different countries. Nada from Portugal that means nothing; Amigo that is friend and Dinero as money (from Spanish); Aloha Hawaien word (Love).

Слайд 15
Текст слайда:

The primary steps:

The middle level:

The grown ups :

1. Dave can sometimes act like an airhead! (Airhead – stupid person)
2. I really had a ball in Dave’s class. (Ball – a fun time)
3. I’m really beat because I was playing the computer all night. (Beat – tired)

(I don’t know zip about this animal (Zip – nothing).
This ball is Humungous! (Humungous – big).
You tell a bull about this animal (bull – lie).

1. The party was fun even though there wasn’t any booze (booze – alcohol).
2. Do you want another brew, Dave? (Brew – beer).3.It is really in now (in – fashionable)!


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