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Spherical Objects - The Final Part


Original Mirrors - Things To ComeHeart Twango & Raw Beat(second album)Released : 1981Genres : New WaveLabel : Mercuryformed in Liverpool, EnglandYears active : 1979–1981future Lightning Seeds leader Ian Broudie was in the bandKircher

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Слайд 1Spherical Objects - The Final Part
Object Music (third album)
Released :

Genres : New Wave
Label : Object Music
Somewhere departs from the DIY sound

of previous releases and puts more emphasis on ultra-romantic melodic synthesizer tunes

Manchester, UK-based experimental independent post-punk scene
Years active :1978-1981
Shared musicians with other groups that were on Object Music label (ex: The Passage, Steve Miro & The Eyes, Tirez Tirez and Grow Up)
Steve Solamar (leader,song/lyrics writer) whose vocal style has been described as either "terrible" or at least "idiosyncratic".

Spherical Objects - The Final PartObject Music (third album)Released : 1980Genres : New WaveLabel : Object MusicSomewhere

Слайд 2Original Mirrors - Things To Come
Heart Twango & Raw Beat(second album)
Released :

Genres : New Wave
Label : Mercury

formed in Liverpool, England
Years active

: 1979–1981
future Lightning Seeds leader Ian Broudie was in the band
Kircher (drummer) joined Status Quo in 1982

Original Mirrors - Things To ComeHeart Twango & Raw Beat(second album)Released : 1981Genres : New WaveLabel : Mercuryformed in

Слайд 3 Artery - Louise
One Afternoon in a Hot Air Balloon
(second album)

: 1983
Genres : New Wave
Label : Red Flame
- All

composed by keyboardist Christopher Hendrick, who was only a member during the recording of this album

 A Sheffield post-punk band (aka The)
Years active: 1978–1985, 2007–present
They were often compared to Joy Division

Artery - Louise  One Afternoon in a Hot Air Balloon(second album)Released : 1983Genres : New WaveLabel

Слайд 4 The Tornados - Telstar 
Origin : London, England
Genres : Pop, instrumental rock, surf rock

active : 1960–1967, 1975
Acts as backing group for many of record

producer Joe Meek's productions and also for singer Billy Fury
 Matthew Bellamy (Muse) is the son of The Tornados' rhythm guitarist, George Bellamy

Telstar (single)
Released : 1962
Genres : instrumental rock, space rock
Label : Decca (UK),London (USA)
Was named after the Telstar communications satellite, which was launched into orbit on 10 July 1962
It reach number one in UK and US charts

 The Tornados - Telstar Origin : London, EnglandGenres : Pop, instrumental rock, surf rockYears active : 1960–1967, 1975Acts as backing group

Слайд 5Polyrock - Broken China
 American post-punk/New Wave band
formed in New York City 
Years Active

: 1978 – 1982
Strongly influenced by minimalism
Often compared by critics to Talking

Heads , though they never approached that band's fame

Above The Fruited Plain (second album)
Released : 1982
Genres : New Wave
Label :  PVC Records

Polyrock - Broken China American post-punk/New Wave band formed in New York City Years Active : 1978 – 1982Strongly influenced by minimalismOften compared

Слайд 639 Clocks - Your Prick Makes Me Sick
Cold Steel to

the Heart (third album)
Released : 1985
Genres : Post-Punk
Label : What's

So Funny About..  

Underground band from Hannover
Contributed to the German underground neo-psychedelic scene of the 1980s.
Use “Denglisch”
They called their music “psycho-beat”
“the German Velvet Underground”

39 Clocks - Your Prick Makes Me SickCold Steel to the Heart (third album)Released : 1985Genres :

Слайд 7Neu! - Super 78
 Neu! 2 (second album)
Released : 1973
Genres :

Label :  Brain
One of two remixes of the previously released Neu! song

"Super“ sped up to 78 rpm;
Were in  Quentin Tarantino’s in Kill Bill Volume 1

Origin : Düsseldorf, Germany
Genres : Krautrock, Experimental
Years active: 1971–1975,1985–1986
Formed by Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother after their split from Kraftwerk in the early 1970s
One of the founding fathers of Krautrock and a significant influence on artists like  David Bowie, Brian Eno, Iggy Pop, PiL, Joy Division, Gary Numan, etc.

Neu! - Super 78 Neu! 2 (second album)Released : 1973Genres : KrautrockLabel :  BrainOne of two remixes of the previously

Слайд 8Fred Frith - Come Across
Gravity (second album)
Released : 1980
Genres :

Experimental rock, avant-garde
Label :  Ralph (US)
Described as an avant-garde "dance" record

that draws on rhythm and dance from folk music across the world

English multi-instrumentalist,
composer and improvisor
Years active : 1968–present
Instruments : Guitar, violin, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion

Fred Frith - Come AcrossGravity (second album)Released : 1980Genres : Experimental rock, avant-gardeLabel :  Ralph (US)Described as an

Слайд 9Biting Tongues - Take The Back Right Off
Recharge (fifth album)

: 1989
Genres : Acid House, Future Jazz, House
Label :   Cut


Manchester post-punk band
active 1979 – 1989
recorded for labels including New Hormones and Factory.

Biting Tongues - Take The Back Right OffRecharge (fifth album)Released : 1989Genres : Acid House, Future Jazz, House Label

Слайд 10Shockabilly - Are You Experienced?
Earth vs. Shockabilly (first album)
Released :

Genres : Avantgarde
Label :  Rough Trade
Origin : New York, United States

: Rock, experimental, avant-garde
Years active : 1982–1985
The music itself is mostly avant-garde re-workings of rockabilly and rock 'n' roll standards.
Shockabilly - Are You Experienced?Earth vs. Shockabilly (first album)Released : 1983Genres : AvantgardeLabel :  Rough TradeOrigin :

Слайд 11Von Lmo - Future Language
Future Language (first album)
Released : 1981

Genres : No Wave, Space Rock
Label :  StraZar ‎
Origin : Brooklyn, New York,

United States
Genres: Post-Punk, Space Rock, No Wave
Instruments : Vocals, guitar, keyboard, drums,programming
Years active : 1974–present
Von Lmo - Future LanguageFuture Language (first album)Released : 1981 Genres : No Wave, Space RockLabel :  StraZar ‎Origin

Слайд 12Catalogue - Keep Cool Calm
Insomnie (third album)
Released : 1995
Genres :

Punk, Avantgarde, Contemporary Jazz,
Label :  Tempel
Formed in France in 1979
included Jac Berrocal

Catalogue - Keep Cool CalmInsomnie (third album)Released : 1995Genres : Punk, Avantgarde, Contemporary Jazz,Label :  TempelFormed in France in

Слайд 13Jowe Head - Glistening Pincers / Curt Replies! / Leeches

Movement (first album)
Released : 1981
Genres : Alternative Rock, Garage Rock, Experimental, Indie Rock

:  Hedonics Record

British bass guitarist, singer, and visual artist
Previously played in Swell Maps, Television Personalities, etc.

Jowe Head - Glistening Pincers / Curt Replies! / LeechesPincer Movement (first album)Released : 1981Genres : Alternative

Слайд 14Abecedarians - Where Whitie Ain't Allowed
Resin (second album)
Released : 1988

: Alternative Rock, New Wave
Label :  Caroline Records
Origin : Long Beach, California,  United

Genres : New Wave, Experimental, Post-punk
Years active : 1983-1995
Specialized in reverb heavy, synth driven post-punk songs
Abecedarians - Where Whitie Ain't AllowedResin (second album)Released : 1988Genres : Alternative Rock, New WaveLabel :  Caroline RecordsOrigin

Слайд 15Tristan T - Sommersang
Hej Verden (first album)
Released : 1984
Genres :

Label :  Replik Muzick
Origin : Haderslev, Danmark
Genres : New wave, post-punk
Years active

: 1982 – 1991, 2006 – present
Named after the Romanian-French poet and Dada founder Tristan Tzara

Tristan T - SommersangHej Verden (first album)Released : 1984Genres : PunkLabel :  Replik MuzickOrigin : Haderslev, DanmarkGenres :

Слайд 16Michael Yonkers Band - Boy In The Sandbox
Microminiature Love (first

Released : 1968
Genres : Psychedelic Rock
Label : De Stijl 
Michael Yonkers has to

rank among American rock’s most intriguing eccentrics
Years active : 1968 - present
Michael Yonkers Band - Boy In The SandboxMicrominiature Love (first album)Released : 1968Genres : Psychedelic RockLabel :

Слайд 17Yell-O-Yell - Hello, Hell!
Hello Hell! (second album)
Released : 1997
Genres :

Alternative Rock, Darkwave
Label :  Creep Records
Post-Punk/Darkwave band in 1982 - 1993

in Athens, Greece. 
They were the first group that signed at the legendary Creep Records . 
They made a lot of appearances along with 'Headleaders' and 'Villa 21'. 
Yell-O-Yell - Hello, Hell!Hello Hell! (second album)Released : 1997Genres : Alternative Rock, DarkwaveLabel :  Creep RecordsPost-Punk/Darkwave band in

Слайд 18Basement 5 - Too Soon
1965-1980 (first album)
Released : 1980
Genres :

Dub, Punk
Label :  Antilles
 Reggae punk fusion band from London 
Years active : 1978-1981
 One of their

early performances was a support for Public Image Ltd.
Their songs reflected the political situation of the time in Great Britain in the era of Margaret Thatcher: youth unemployment, strikes, racism and the poverty of the working class.

Basement 5 - Too Soon1965-1980 (first album)Released : 1980Genres : Dub, PunkLabel :  Antilles Reggae punk fusion band from London Years active :

Слайд 19Dome - Because We Must (Version 1)
Yclept (second album)
Released :

Genres : Industrial, Experimental
Label : WMO 
Origin : London, England
Genres : Post-punk, experimental

Сonsisting of Bruce Gilbert (guitar, vocals, synthesizer) and Graham Lewis (bass, vocals, synthesizer) of Wire.
«lurching mechanical noises infrequently keeping a vague beat»

Dome - Because We Must (Version 1)Yclept (second album)Released : 1999Genres : Industrial, ExperimentalLabel : WMO Origin : London,

Слайд 20Crawling Chaos - Arabesque
The Gas Chair (second album)
Released : 1982

: Art Rock, Avantgarde, Experimental
Label :  Factory Benelux
The band's chosen title was

"Gas Chair Clown", an anagram of the band's name but the label decided to use a shorter version.

Ashington, Northumberland in the UK
1976 – present
The Crawling Chaos was supposed to be an actual creature of nightmares

Crawling Chaos - ArabesqueThe Gas Chair (second album)Released : 1982Genres : Art Rock, Avantgarde, ExperimentalLabel :  Factory BeneluxThe band's

Слайд 21Josef K - Forever Drone
Entomology (second album)
Released : 2006 (переиздание)

: Post-Punk, Indie Rock
Label :  Domino
Post-punk group from Edinburgh, Scotland.

in 1979, split in 1982
The band was named after the protagonist of Franz Kafka's novel The Trial
Josef K - Forever DroneEntomology (second album)Released : 2006 (переиздание)Genres : Post-Punk, Indie RockLabel :  DominoPost-punk group from

Слайд 22The Raybeats – International Operator
Guitar Beat (first album)
Released : 1981

: Surf-rock, No Wave, Jazz-rock
Label :  PVC Records
The Raybeats were an instrumental neo-surf

rock combo from New York City.
Formed in 1979, split in 1984
Jody Harris and Don Christensen in James Chance and the Contortions, Pat Irwin in 8-Eyed Spy
The Raybeats – International OperatorGuitar Beat (first album)Released : 1981Genres : Surf-rock, No Wave, Jazz-rockLabel :  PVC

Слайд 23Kreng – In de Berm Pt3
L'Autopsie Phénoménale De Dieu
Released :

Genres : Modern Classical, 
Abstract, Ambient, Experimental
Label :  Miasmah
Kreng is Belgian Pepijn Caudron.

Strictly sample-based project, incorporating sounds from various sources: dark jazz, new electronic generated sounds, classical modernism and vintage geographical recordings
Kreng – In de Berm Pt3L'Autopsie Phénoménale De DieuReleased : 2009Genres : Modern Classical, Abstract, Ambient, ExperimentalLabel :  MiasmahKreng is

Слайд 24Laddio Bolocko – The Man Who Never Was
Strange Warmings Of

Laddio Bolocko
Released : 1997
Genres : Noise Rock, Avangarde
Label : Hungarian
Laddio Bolocko was

a noise rock band from New York City, by members of Panicsville and the Dazzling Killmen.
Formed in 1996, split in 2001
Never received a major label contract
Laddio Bolocko – The Man Who Never WasStrange Warmings Of Laddio BolockoReleased : 1997Genres : Noise Rock, AvangardeLabel

Слайд 25Zelienople – It’s Hard To Steal Cars
Pajama Avenue (first album)

: 2002
Genres : Post-Rock, Ambient, Drone
Label : Loose Thread Recordings
Post-rock group

love for drone-based jazz.
Forming in Chicago, Illinois in 1998
Zelienople is a borough in Butler County, Pennsylvania, 28 miles (45 km) north of Pittsburgh.
Zelienople – It’s Hard To Steal CarsPajama Avenue (first album)Released : 2002Genres : Post-Rock, Ambient, DroneLabel : Loose

Слайд 263.10 – Downtown And Brooklyn Only
Aug 56 (first album)
Released :

Genres : Abstract, Ambient, Post-Electronic
Label :  Self-Released
310 (Seattle’s Joseph Dierker

and New York’s Tim Donovan).
Formed in 1979, split in 1982
Unique blend of hip-hop, art rock beats, ethnic percussion, ambient drones, vocal samples and live instrumentation
3.10 – Downtown And Brooklyn OnlyAug 56 (first album)Released : 1997Genres : Abstract, Ambient, Post-ElectronicLabel :  Self-Released310

Слайд 27Julia Holter - Marienbad
Released : 2012
Genres : Electro, Downtempo, Avantgarde, 
Label :  Rvng

Julia Shammas Holter is a classically-trained keytarist from Echo Park,

Los Angeles
Songs are written instinctively, and treated with an off-kilter fastidiousness, working orchestral variety from minimal instrumentation
Julia Holter - MarienbadEkstasisReleased : 2012Genres : Electro, Downtempo, Avantgarde, ExperimentalLabel :  Rvng Intl.Julia Shammas Holter is a classically-trained keytarist

Слайд 28Les Rallizes Dénudés – L’aube
Unknown release
One of the earliest and

most influential psychedelic / noise rock bands from Japan
They were formed in 1967

live shows and use of strobe lights and mirror balls onstage
Les Rallizes Dénudés – L’aubeUnknown releaseOne of the earliest and most influential psychedelic / noise rock bands from JapanThey were

Слайд 29Cerberus Shoal – Falling to Pieces Part Two
And Farewell To

Released : 1996
Genres : Post-Rock
Label :  Tree Records
They took their

name from an old book of poems that students at Brown University had written in 1893
Formed in Boston (1994 – present)
Parts of Cerberus Shoal are now Big Blood , Fire On Fire and Dilly Dilly.
Cerberus Shoal – Falling to Pieces Part TwoAnd Farewell To HightideReleased : 1996Genres : Post-RockLabel :  Tree

Слайд 30The Styrenes – East Side Story
All the Wrong People Are

Released : 1998
Genres : Proto-Punk, Garage Rock
Proto-punk group from Ohio, Cleveland.

Formed in 1975 by former members of other local underground scene bands, Electric Eels and Mirrors.
Anton Fier on drums
The Styrenes – East Side StoryAll the Wrong People Are DyingReleased : 1998Genres : Proto-Punk, Garage RockProto-punk group

Слайд 31Biota - Circling These (Part 5)
Almost Never
Released : 1992
Genres :

Avant-Prog, Ambient
Label: ReR Megacorp
Also known as : Mnemonist Orchestra

: Colorado, United States
Genres: Avant-rock
Years active: 1979–present
David Newgarden wrote, "Biota is not even remotely like any other group I can think of"
Biota - Circling These (Part 5)Almost NeverReleased : 1992Genres : Avant-Prog, AmbientLabel: ReR MegacorpAlso known as :

Слайд 32Lloop - Untitled
Released : 2001
Genres : Dub, Ambient, IDM
Label :

Lloop aka Rich Panciera has been working in sound

studio's since he was sixteen.
In 1983 he helped build Bass Mind studio in Brooklyn and was considered a top engineer at that time.
His record "Bulbb's" was recorded there in '94 and released as a now classic mix cassette.
It was finally released on vinyl and as a cd in 2001 by the agriculture. 
Lloop - UntitledBulbbsReleased : 2001Genres : Dub, Ambient, IDMLabel :   AgricultureLloop aka Rich Panciera has been

Слайд 33Breaking Circus – Swept Blood
The Ice Machine
Released : 1986
Genres :

Label : Homestead Records
Breaking Circus was a post-punk based in

Chicago and later Minneapolis, led by guitarist and vocalist Steve Björklund
Breaking Circus – Swept BloodThe Ice MachineReleased : 1986Genres : Post-PunkLabel : Homestead RecordsBreaking Circus was a

Слайд 34Constant Mongrel – Felony Fights
Everything Goes Wrong
Released : 2012
Genres :

Post-Punk, Garage Rock
Label :  81 Records, R.I.P Society
Members of Woollen Kits,

School Of Radiant Living and Nun.
Alternative TV, Swell Maps, The Fall, Wire or a modern equivalent to the type of thing you’d hear on the Can’t Stop It: Australian Post Punk 1978-82 compilation.
Pulsing, monotonous music, tales of suburban woe, modern problems, being in love with a dog etc.
Constant Mongrel – Felony FightsEverything Goes WrongReleased : 2012Genres : Post-Punk, Garage RockLabel :  81 Records, R.I.P SocietyMembers

Слайд 35Six Finger Satellite – Laughing Larry
The Pigeon Is The Most

Popular Bird
Released : 1993
Genres : Noise Rock
Label :  Sub Pop

Origin: Rhode Island
Genres : Post-hardcore
Years active : 1988–2001, 2007-present
Six Finger Satellite – Laughing LarryThe Pigeon Is The Most Popular BirdReleased : 1993Genres : Noise RockLabel

Слайд 36Tom Lopez; Zbs Productions - 30 Second Telephone Terror Theatre

Tom Lopez; Zbs Productions - 30 Second Telephone Terror Theatre

Слайд 37Daisuck & Prostitute - Jiguratto No Majo Kari
Released :

Genres : Post-Punk, Noise Rock
Label :   Japan Record
A rare noise

rock hairball retrieved from the deepest recesses of Japan's early 80's no-wave influenced subculture
Daisuck & Prostitute - Jiguratto No Majo Kari死ぬまで踊りつづけて Released : 1981Genres : Post-Punk, Noise RockLabel :   Japan

Слайд 38Transmitters – Persons Unknown
I Fear No-One...
Released : 2006
Genres :

New Wave, Punk, Experimental
Label :  Elsewhen Records
Origin : Ealing, London, England
Genres : Post-punk,Jazz fusion,

Art punk, Psychedelic rock
Years active : 1977–1988, 2007–present?
Played support slots for a wide variety of underground and mainstream bands
compared to  The Fall, XTC, Gang Of Four, This Heat and Magazine.
Transmitters – Persons UnknownI Fear No-One... Released : 2006Genres : New Wave, Punk, ExperimentalLabel :  Elsewhen RecordsOrigin : Ealing, London, EnglandGenres

Слайд 39Manicured Noise - Faith
Released : 1980
Genres :New wave
Label : PRE

Manchester, England's
Genres : Post Punk, New Wave
Years active : 1978-1980

Manicured Noise - FaithFaithReleased : 1980Genres :New waveLabel : PRE Records Manchester, England'sGenres : Post Punk, New WaveYears active

Слайд 40Mofungo – The American Way
Released : 1989
Genres : Jazz-Rock, Avantgarde
Label :

 SST Records
Robert Christgau described their last album as "basically unlistenable unless

you grant it your full attention"

Mofungo was a New York City based band that was active from 1979-1993.
 It featured guitarist Elliot Sharp and food blogger Robert Sietsema.
The New York Times described them as "not your typical rock and roll band"

Mofungo – The American WayWorkReleased : 1989Genres : Jazz-Rock, AvantgardeLabel :  SST RecordsRobert Christgau described their last album as

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