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Слайд 1
Текст слайда:


Describing people

Слайд 2
Текст слайда:


Introduction(general information).

Height and stature.

Features .

* Eyes
*Special features

4. Conclusion(your opinion).

Слайд 3
Текст слайда:


People consider him/her to be…
They say he/she is…
He/she looks…
He/she always impresses people (un)favourably.

- pleasant
-good – looking

Слайд 4
Текст слайда:

Height and stature

He/she is…
He/she thinks he/she is too… and wants to lose weight

-of medium height
-neither tall nor short
-with slender(shapely , bandy) legs

what is called

-thin as a rail
-just right

Слайд 5

Слайд 6
Текст слайда:


He/she has (ir)regular , delicate(rough) features.
His/her … eyes with … eyelashes and … eyebrows are …

-as blue
as the sky
-dark brown
-light hazel
-bright green
-deep blue




Слайд 7

Слайд 8
Текст слайда:

3. He/she has a… nose (with freckles on it)


4. He/she is
He/she has …cheeks/a … face.




Слайд 9
Текст слайда:

5. His/her … lips and … teeth make her smile …
Though his/her lips are … and teeth are … , his/her smile is …




Слайд 10
Текст слайда:

6. He/she has a … complexion .

and cream

That’s why his/her skin looks …


I mean he/she is …

-a real picture of health
-in the full bloom of youth
-in the pink of health

Слайд 11
Текст слайда:

7. He/she has a … expression (look) on his/her face.


Слайд 12

Слайд 13
Текст слайда:

8. He/she wears his/her … hair … and …


-in a plait
-in a bun
-in a pony tail
-loose over
his/her shoulders
-pushed back
-with a side parting
-parted in the

-dyes it black
-has a haircut
-has a hair-do
-has it waved

He is


Слайд 14

Слайд 15
Текст слайда:

8. He/she has…

a beard
a moustache
-some wrinkles
-a few pimples
-a mole
-a dimple

Слайд 16
Текст слайда:


I find him/her really very (rather/quite) …


Слайд 17

Слайд 18


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