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World tour

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Our itinerary

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Nizhny Novgorod

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1)Finnish visa – 1400
2) Japanese visa – 1500
3) Chinese visa – 1200

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3) Helsinki - Czech ['ʧek] Republic, Prague [prɑ:g]
1 hour by plane, price – 3900 rubles
4) Prague – Spain, Barcelona [,bɑ:sɪ'ləunə]
25 hours by bus, price – 4000 rubles
5) Barcelona - Madrid [mə'drɪd]
6) Madrid - Peru [pə'ru], Lima ['li:mə]
12 hours by plane, price – 23.000 rubles
7) Lima - Japan [ʤə'pæn], Tokyo ['təukɪəu]
14 hours by plane, price – 35.000 rubles

8) Tokyo - Nagasaki [,nægə'sɑ:kɪ]
8 hours by train, price – 9500 rubles
9) Nagasaki – China, Shanghai [,ʃæŋ'haɪ]
26 hours by ferry, price – 3800 rubles
10) Shanghai - Lhasa ['lɑ:sə], Tibet [tɪ'bet]
20 hours by train, price – 4000 rubles
11) Lhasa – Nizhny Novgorod
Total price: 85.500 rubles

Travelling expenses

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Habitation: hostels
Price-list for one bed in common room for one person per night
Helsinki – from 20 euro
Prague – from 7 euro
Barcelona – from 15,80 euro
Madrid – from 13, 5 euro
Lima - from 5,4 euro
Tokyo – from 17,4 euro
Nagasaki –expensive hostels – couchsurfing.
Shanghai - from 6,5 euro
Lhasa – camping in a tent in the Tibet Mountains

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Hostel Stadion is situated in Helsinki’s Olympic
Stadium, 20 minutes’ walk from Helsinki city centre.
Rooms at Stadion have a shared bathroom and views
of Eläintarha Park. Bed linen and towels are
included in the rates.
Facilities include a TV lounge, a communal kitchen
and a luggage room. The lobby has a free Wi-Fi
connection and 2 free internet computers. The 24
hour reception staff are always willing to give insider
tips on attractions and activities.

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Cafe Strindberg may not look "budget" -- indeed, it's not -- but for quantity and quality their daily bowl of soup cannot be beat.  Three or four generous ladle-fulls are served with a hearty slice of bread (and free glasses of water, if you're really skimping) for the price of around $10.   Freshly made and consistently superb; perfect on a chilly Helsinki afternoon.   Pohojoisesplanadi 33, along the main boulevard in town.
Pelmenis are the new thing in town. Very cheap, delicious and worth trying out. For a Russian-style experience, go to to Kustaankatu 7. It's a short walk away from Sörnäinen metrostation. Walk down Vaasankatu and turn to your right at some big S&M shop with silhuettes of ladies. The restaurant is right around the corner from the shop on the right hand. It is small, open every day from 11-22 except Mondays, so be there before 9pm in order to enjoy the food. Food is great, in addition to pelmenis there are usually soups, and the price range is 5-7 euros.
 Kipsari is really a place worth to visit, if you like vegetarian food! This place is actually one of the three cafeterias of the art university Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu. Students just call it the 7th department of the school. A really cosy place, full of friendly people! Lunch 4.50, close to the end station of the tram 6. May be difficult to find and is a bit off the beaten track.

Helsinki: Cheap Eats

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The Praha Ládví Hostel is housed in a stately building in Prague’s quiet residential district number 8. The Ládví Metro Station lies 50 metres away, and from there it takes just 10 minutes to reach the Central Station. Free Wi-Fi is provided in rooms.
Guests can prepare their meals in the shared kitchen and relax with fellow travellers in the TV lounge.
Just 3 metro stations away lies the Letnany Shopping Centre, as well as an aquapark and and exhibition centre. Prague International Airport is 18 km from the hostel.

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Belgicka 17, Prague 2
Meduza is much more than a great cafe. It’s one of those places that feel intimate even when every seat is occupied, perfect for dates, round-table discussions, even good hard drinking sessions in a, shall we say, cultured and tasteful environment. Aesthetically it is a gorgeous rummage sale of vintage furniture and prints, photos, and paintings, including exhibitions of contemporary art and photography.
The atmosphere is cool and hip and the staff is casual and adequately attentive. If you’re feeling peckish, Meduza offers an ample assortment of tasty vegetarian munchies as well as cabajka (smoked Hungarian sausage) for the meat-eaters. Drinks are reasonably priced and the big frothy cappuccinos are the best in town.
Belehradska 82, Prague 2
This very attractive underground cafe/tearoom offers an extensive list of teas, along with coffee and alcoholic beverages. The soundtrack tends to be classic rock at a comfortably low volume, the service is very friendly, and the crowd is young and laid-back.
Souterrain hosts a variety of events, ranging from yoga and meditation every Monday through art exhibitions and readings by Czech artists and poets to performances by some of the Czech Republic’s wildest bar musicians. This is a great place to go if you want to get a taste of underground Czech culture.

Prague cheap eats

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Cafe Slavia
Narodni 1, Prague 1
The coffee is decent, the food and drinks are priced according to the prime location, and the crowd is a lively mix that runs the gamut of the middle-to-upper social strata. The service can be quite slow, but only due to the fact that this popular cafe and restaurant is often crowded.
There are two good reasons for going to Slavia. The first is the wonderful view, whether along Narodni or facing the Vltava. The second is the nostalgia factor; this cafe was once popular among dissidents during the socialist regime.
For all its upscale looks and celebrity airs (the cafe owners take great pride in the fact that many famous Czech artists and politicians have drawn inspiration here), Slavia still maintains a little bit of street cred with its famous “Green Phantom” painting of an absinthe drunkard. A nice treat during a long day of sightseeing, also a good place to bring a date.

U dvou kocek
Uhelny trh 10, Prague 1
A fine typical Czech pub and restaurant, complete with old-school Czech stonefaced service that delivers beer so fast that you may find yourself gladly exceeding your limit (tip: when you want to indicate that you've had enough, place a beer mat on top of your current beer).
The right side is primarily for drinking; if you want a meal, then you're allowed to take a booth or a table in the left room. U dvou kocek's claim to fame is the quality of its Pilsner Urquell draft beer – the Pilsen brewer itself has awarded the restaurant with a quality assurance certificate.
The fare is hearty, typical Czech cuisine: lots of meat, thick sauces, dumplings, potatoes, and cabbage. An excellent starting point for a Prague pub crawl.

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This unique hostel covers 24 hectares (59 acres) in the privileged setting of Collserola Park, the largest metropolitan park in the world.
Relax in the Inout’s common rooms with TV, or read in peace in the library.
You can also cook for yourself in the in-house kitchens, or take a picnic basket out into the green surroundings.

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1. La Paradeta
La Paradeta is every seafood lovers dream. If you’re looking for well-prepared seafood at a reasonable price then La Paradeta is the place to go.
You get to line up at the counter and choose what you want from the mouth-watering selection in front of you. Then pick up your numbered ticket, select a drink of choice and find yourself a table while they cook up your selection.
Simple, fresh and remarkably cheap, La Paradeta is a fun and tasty place to eat.
There are four in town but the restaurant at Sants is the original and widely considered as the best.
2. Quimet i Quimet
This is one of the best tapas bars in Barcelona and is especially good for its fine selection of wine and cheeses. If you’re not worried about your cholesterol levels then get the four quesos (cheeses) which all come on the same plate: neval (a tangy goats cheese), cabrales (a strong Spanish blue cheese, zamorano (a nutty sheep’s milk cheese) and torta del Casar (a soft, creamy farm cheese).
You can wash it all down with a glass of chilled cava or one of the countless wines that are literally on display everywhere.
3. Salamanca
Down on the waterfront overlooking the Mediterranean, Salamance is a bona fide Spanish restaurant that serves sumptuous seafood and tasty paella at decent prices. You can opt to sit inside or on an outdoor terrace and there are two restaurants. A top tip is to get a seat in the local part as they tend to charge you more if you sit in the tourist side.
Salamanca can get very busy at peak times and you may have to wait a fair while for your food, however it is reasonably cheap and well worth the wait.
4. La Bombeta
This is another great option for tapas on the waterfront. If you do decide to go, the bombas, a mashed variation on patatas bravas, come highly recommended although everything on the menu is good.
Again, it can get crowded, so, don’t be put off if you have to wait a bit.

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Sol Hostel is just 10 minutes’ walk from Atocha AVE Train and Metro Station in the centre of Madrid. It offers free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and 24-hour reception, 15 minutes’ walk from the Reina Sofia Museum.
Sol’s simple, heated rooms feature bunk beds, a fan and lockers. Some bathrooms are shared and linen is provided for free, with towels available to rent.
There is a kitchen for guest use, a TV lounge and a football table, and a book exchange. Vending machines for drinks and snacks are located in the lobby.

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Cervecería 100 Montaditos – this is chain that has several locations throughout Madrid and famous for its 100 small sandwiches or 100 montaditos as they are called by the locals.  This is also a great venue for cheap drinks to go with that affordable sandwich lunch.  For instance, if you purchase a sandwich that costs between €1 and €2, then you will only be charged €1 for a tasty beer.
El Corte Ingles – this is the largest department store in the city of Madrid and also features a full-service supermarket that has a deli and bakery as well as a huge selection of fresh produce – all under one roof.
Freiduría de Gallinejas Embajadores – one of the classiest tapas bars in the city, this is not a venue for those with conservative stomachs.  Tapas is the terminology that is used to identify a broad range of Spanish appetizers and snack foods.  Entresijos and Gallinejas are the two most popular tapas which are also the typical ones ordered and some of the most traditional cuisine in the country.  Additionally, if you have an adventurous palate and you love lamb, then this is the place you don’t want to miss.
Al-Jaima (Cocina del Desierto) – although this restaurant is a tad pricier than the three aforementioned establishments, it is still affordable and the quality of the food combined with excellent service make this a must-try restaurant in the city.  It is the setting of this restaurant that makes it such a worthwhile venue as it was designed to look like you were dining in a dark cave.


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Set in an early 20th Century building with marble floors, 1900 Hostel offers budget accommodation with free Wi-Fi, and breakfast in Lima’s historic centre. Common kitchen facilities and a snack bar are featured. The beach zone is 5 km away.
Rooms at Hostel 1900 feature shared bathroom and wooden work desks.
Breakfast is served daily. Snacks and drinks can be ordered at the bar, and guests can cook their own meals in the common kitchen.
There is a living room featuring a TV set and a DVD player, and a games room including a billiards table. Salsa lessons can be taken, and guests can enjoy themselves reading a book from the library.

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Pepe’s This small but traditional restaurant is famous for serving the Peruvian “Anticuchos”, or with other words: cow heart. Doesn’t sound attractive? Wait untill you see this nice platter in front of you. Before you know it, the meat brochettes marinated in a very nice local sauce, are gone and you’ll be back the next day!
Lashesh A bit more European styled and a must visit if you like Falafel, Shawarma (kebabs) or humus. This is a refreshing place just a few blocks away from the hostel.
A chifa Or if you want to go Oriental style, try one of the many chifa’s on walking distance from our hostel. A chifa basically serves a Chinese-Peruvian food mixture where you can get great Chinese dishes with local ingredients.

Lima’s food

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Punto Azul Excellent local restaurant to enjoy fresh seafood dishes. We recommend going with a companion because the portions could be massive. A few blocks from our Pariwana hostel.
Matsuri Sushi Bar Around the corner of our hostel, with a classy feel. As many Japanese restaurants you have a big variety in seafoods, with truly amazing sushi rolls.
Tradición Chami This restaurant serves all type of traditional Peruvian home food (mostly Creole, but also seafood). It’s located only a couple blocks away from the hostel.
Canta Rana Owned by an Argentinean ex-football (soccer) player, the place is decorated with all the owners’ treasures from when he was a player. The food definitely matches his football skills in his younger years and it also serves as a great introduction into the Argentinian kitchen. The restaurant can be found just a few minutes out of Miraflores, in Barranco.

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Khaosan Tokyo Ninja features a stylish shared kitchen and free-use internet terminals. The air conditioned rooms have bunk beds and free Wi-Fi access.
All rooms at Khaosan Tokyo Ninja Hostel are non-smoking, and bathrooms are shared. Bed linens are included, and towels are available for a small fee.
The modern black-and-white lounge includes a DVD player and Nintendo Wii console. An English-language guide book library is provided. Private lockers are available.

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1. Teyandei, Nishi Azabu
Hidden in a pedestrian backstreet this tiny converted house is a tricky-to-find treasure. Two cosy floors of dark polished wood offer a range of seating options, hori-kotatsu (leg wells) allow even inflexible guests to sit on the tatami matt flooring, while a counter seat means a view of the creative chefs at work. Around £14 buys you an eight dish feast, including fresh fish carpaccio, deep fried yam and sushi rolls. An extra £7.10 means two hours of all-you-can-drink enjoyment.
· 2-20-1 Nishi-Azabu; +81 3 3407-8127
2. Buri, Ebisu
Part of a Tokyo-wide chain, this always-busy standing bar keeps things simple. Just 25 people can squeeze around the sleek circular bar, mostly hip Ebisu locals who come for the drink and stay for the food. Specialising in one-cup sake from around Japan, the friendly staff help navigate you through the endless varieties on offer. Meanwhile the smoke from the grilled dishes tempts you to dive into the extensive menu. Fish, meat and vegetable dishes start from £1.90.
· 1-14-1 Ebisu-Nishi; +81 3 3496-7744
3. Chez Aburiya, Aoyama
Most izakaya food is fast and furious, but a slow cooking philosophy means here meals take time, and are all the better for it. The entrance is tucked down an unmarked alleyway, hidden behind a façade of dark wooden vertical slats. Inside, the décor is understated and elegant, the 12 linen-dressed bar seats lit by low flickering lanterns. Blackboards boast the extensive menu in kanji, but a well written English menu means you won't miss out. A 10-dish set, including seasonal salad, chicken, dried fish and creamy tofu costs £18.50 per person.
· 3-12-4 Minami-Aoyama; +81 3-5770-5039
4. Bistro 35 Steps, Shibuya
Possibly the friendliest izakaya in town. Hidden down a side street in the teen nirvana of Shibuya, diners descend into the busy, boisterous room. Choose a seat at the large open kitchen counter and enjoy delicious dishes in generous portions, ranging from £3.10 to £3.80. Popular picks include tuna tartar with green onion and avocado, and the house speciality, mackerel seared before your eyes.
· B1 Shibuya City Hotel, 1-1 Shibuya: +81 3-3770-9835

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Nagasaki, Japon

Asuka Sunada

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Located a 5-minute walk from People’s Square Subway Station, The Phoenix Hostel Shanghai offers rooms with free wired or Wi-Fi internet.
Basic rooms are air-conditioned and come with a cable TV and tea/coffee-making facilities. Guests can watch a DVD in the library. The hostel has a tour desk and 24-hour front desk.
Local dishes are served in the hostel’s restaurant. Room service is also available.

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2. Taco Loco The day Taco Loco opened was a happy one for folk who don’t want to pay over the odds for a simple burrito. Taco Loco’s slim, white-walled café on Fumin Lu caters to the WiFi crowd who yearn for low cost Tex-Mex. Big, well-filled burritos and quesadillas for 28 RMB, juicy tacos for 12 RMB, all with a choice of pork carnitas, steak asada, or chicken, and dirt cheap Corona (15 RMB). ¡Arriba!
Add:185 Fumin Lu, near Julu Lu, Jing’An District, Shanghai 地址: 上海市静安区富民路185号, 近巨鹿路 Tel: 021 5403 2348 Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10:00-00:00
3. Adobo Latin Flavor Once you’ve exhausted Taco Loco’s menu, try Adobo’s equally cheap offerings. Their late night happy hour between 10pm and midnight gives you nachos for 3 RMB and beers for 5 RMB.
Add: 139 Tai'An Lu, near Huashan Lu, Shanghai 地址: 上海市泰安路139号, 近华山路 Tel: 021 6281 4891 Opening hours: 11:00-00:00
4. Saizeriya Ristorante e Caffe 萨莉雅 You either love Saizeriya or you hate it. The concept is bizarre – Italian trattoria done Japanese style. We’re not sure exactly what this means, but one thing’s for sure: it’s cheap. Two people can dine like royalty for around 50 RMB, including wine. The quality isn’t great, but it’s fine for the price. Many branches, but most popular are:
Add: B1, Sanwu Building, 555 Nanjing Xilu, near Chengdu Bei Lu, Jing’an District, Shanghai 地址:上海静安区南京西路555号三五大厦B1楼(近成都北路) Tel: 021 6255 3754 Opening hours: 10:00-23:00
Add: 319 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Nandan Donglu, Shanghai 地址: 上海天钥桥路319号近南丹东路 Tel: 021 6464 2887 Opening hours: 10:00-05:00
Add: 2F, 32 Wanhangdu Lu, Jing’an District, Shanghai 地址: 上海万航渡路32号2楼 Tel: 021 6258 5815 Opening hours: 10:00 – 5:00

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Lhasa Kitchen

It is located right in front of the Jokhang temple and nice place to rest after day sight seeing around the town. The twisted stair case to the second floor has pleasant seating and good views from the windows. Most of the cooks are from Nepal and serves wide-range of foods from vegetable dopiaza (onion-based curry) to cheese and tomato toast. They has good Tibetan, Nepali and Indian dishes. It is a popular place with travelers and locals alike. If you can’t find it call them at
Reviews from IgoUgo: “After weeks of eating Chinese and Tibetan food, we were looking for something different. Friends recommended this restaurant for a curry so we immediately took their advice. It was a good choice.
The restaurant is upstairs and it looks out towards the square in front of the Jokhang Temple. We went one night and were so impressed that we returned two nights later. The staff were friendly, service was good and the Nepalese/Indian food was excellent. There were several curries on the menu and I sought advice on which was hottest. The waitress suggested the masala and it was excellent. On the second visit I had a chicken curry and this was also excellent so I can firmly recommend both.
To accompany the curry I ordered some rota. This was only Y4. The curry was Y15. There were various starters and desserts but we didn’t need them. That is a pretty good value meal. For drinks, some of us had lassis and some had beer. Both were less than Y10.”

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Dunya Restaurant.

One of the best places to eat in Lhasa is Dunya- it’s run by a Dutch guy and has European/Asian food and wine that can’t be compared to anything else in Tibet . They also do momos and some Chinese dishes, but you'll be going there for the vege burger or the yak burgers, which are fantastic, or the meze plate, sizzler trays, lasagna, Thai dishes, pizza and the very drinkable house wine. They also do a delicious house salad for those of you craving some fresh greens - the dressing is fantastic. And the bread is all made in-house, best bread in Lhasa . It's not cheap by Tibetean standards (or backpacking standards but if you're thinking in US or UK money everything in Tibet is cheap) but it has a great atmosphere and after trekking in the mountains and eating rice and tsampa, it’s nice to come back to Lhasa and have delicious food. It’s on Beijing Dong road, next to the Yak Hotel. They also sell cigars. You can reach them at 0891-6333374
Reviews from Trip advisor: “Awesome to have this clean restaurant next door to the yak hotel. A refuge while you get accustomed to the altitude. Yummy menu”.
“ Run by a Dutch ex-pat, Dunya is a very good restaurant and bar (and if you're looking for hard liquor, this is the place!). Staffed by local Tibetians, the food is solid, tasty and safe”.


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