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Let’s take the photos for exam preparation! Take some of the photos for the презентация, доклад

Презентация на тему Let’s take the photos for exam preparation! Take some of the photos for the из раздела Разное. Доклад-презентацию можно скачать по ссылке внизу страницы. Эта презентация для класса содержит 37 слайдов. Для просмотра воспользуйтесь удобным проигрывателем, если материал оказался полезным для Вас - поделитесь им с друзьями с помощью социальных кнопок и добавьте наш сайт презентаций TheSlide.ru в закладки!

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Let’s take the photos for exam preparation!

Take some of the photos for the next lesson! Look below!

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3. Describe the photo for 1 min
(with the teacher for 5min)

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3. Describe the photo for 1 min (candidate 1)

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3. Describe the photo for 1 min (candidate 2)

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Home task: Выдаётся на уроке в четверг/пятницу 17(18).01.19.
Сделать на вторник/среду 22(23).01.19!
Before doing the H.T, write the tasks into your diary,please!

1.A little perfect test(do)
2. KET test 3(do)
3.Video: PET speaking-part 1,2,3(describe) (Write out the examples)

+Extra H.T (at the weekend!!!! PET-test-all)

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A little Perfect Test (individually)-10min

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A little Perfect Test (individually)-10min

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A little Perfect Test (individually)-10min

Слайд 9
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Speak better than the last lesson!
Your car has broken down. You and your friends have three hours to spend together
while it is being fixed. Choose two things to do!

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KET-test 3-answers (from H.T)

Слайд 11
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Part 9- Write in a class! The teacher checks!

Слайд 14
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Contrast the films (While,Whereas, However, Although…,Otherwise, Nevertheless, Though,)

Inspector Tikhonov


+ exceptional / gripping / lively / memorable / realistic / stunning / superb / well-written …
— disappointing / dreadful / dull / poor / predictable / unconvincing / uninteresting

Слайд 15
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Compare the films (Both, Also, At the same time, In the same way, Equally, Similarly )


Harry Potter

The film has a strong cast.
* The acting is moving/powerful/excellent/weak/disappointing/unconvincing.
The plot is gripping/dramatic/fascinating/suspense-filled/fast-moving.
predictable/ confusing/dull /unimaginative.
* The script/dialogue is touching/witty/hilarious/boring…
* It is beautifully/brilliantly/sensitively written/directed.

Слайд 16
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Speculate about the film (Naturally, Obviously, Surely, Certainly, Naturally, Clearly,… )


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In the magic nuts to guess!

Слайд 18
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Part 1

Слайд 19
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Part 2

Слайд 20
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Part 3

Слайд 21
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Part 3

Слайд 22
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ESL listening exercise, Intermediate, ( College ) by Damien Zellers

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Part 4

Слайд 25
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Part 5

Слайд 28
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Part 6

Слайд 29
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Part 7

Слайд 30
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Part 8

Слайд 31
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KET-test 4-answers

Слайд 32
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Daily life
Entertainment and media
Food and drink
Free time
Health, medicine and exercise
Hobbies and leisure
House and home
Language People

Game: Choose a topic and start saying the thematic words passing the glass decoration.
The student who stops leaves it at his/her place. The less you have , the better.

Personal feelings, opinions and experiences Places and buildings
Relations with other people
Social interaction
The natural world
Travel and holidays
Work and jobs

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Grammar Revision:

Слайд 35
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Apples (nouns) without any leaves!!!!!!!!!

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Home task: Выдаётся на уроке в вторник/среду 22(23).01.19. Сделать на четверг/пятницу 24(25).01.19!

1.Dictation: Linking words to learn…(1,2,4)
(prep.sentences about your favourite films)
2. Take three photos for exam!+describe one photo and send us in what’s up group!
3.s.b: Page_00056, p. Page_00057

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