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Ebola virus causes serious illness that is often fatal to the lack of treatment. For the first time the disease caused by the Ebola virus, announced itself in 1976.One of the of outbreaks occurred in the village next to the river Ebola, from which the disease gets its name.The current outbreak in West Africa(the first cases were recorded in march 2014)is the largest and most complex Ebola.

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Transmission infection

It is believed that the natural hosts of Ebola virus are fruit bats of the family Pteropodidae. Ebola gets into the human population in close contact wich the blood secretious, orgaus or other body fluids of infected animals. People are contagious as long as their isolation and blood, including the seminal fluid and breast milk contains viruses.

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Symptoms of the disease caused by the Ebola virus

The incubation period, the time interval from the moment of infection before
symptoms appear composes of two to twenty-one days. The first symptoms are
sudden appearance of fever, muscle aches, headache and sore throat. This is
followed by vomiting, diarrea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function, and in
some cases, both internal and external

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To confirm that the symptoms are caused by the Ebola virus, the following researches:
Test for antigen defection
Serum neutralization reaction
Polymerase chain reaction reverse trauscriptase
Electron microscopy
Virus isolation in cell cultures

Samples from patients represent
an extreme biohazard risk!

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Prevention and control

Effective way to reduce transmission of the disease among the people is to raise awareness about the risk factors of infection BVVE and personal protection measures. The messages on risk reduction should focus the following factors:
Reducing the risk of transmission from wild animals
With animals should be handled with gloves and other protective clothing. Before eating their products must be thoroughly by processed
Reducing the risk of transmission from person to person
When caring for patients at home must wear gloves and other personal protective equipment. After visiting the sick in hospital and care of patients in house conditions must wash their hands regularly
Measures to contain outbreaks, enables fast and safely burial of the dead, detection persons, possibly had contact with someone from among of infected Ebola.

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Thank you for your attention!

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